Feeling stuck? Want to move forward?

"Everything can always be better."

Alfred Adler


Find Your Balance

Whether you’re struggling to get over an ex, feeling trapped in an addiction or eating disorder, grieving a loss, or drowning in stress, you can make it stop. I will work with you to uncover where life is tripping you up to create a plan so you can move forward with your life.

Is it important to seek help?

Yes! I am a qualified trained Registered Clinical Counselor with personal experience in all these areas. I use a variety of training and with my assistance you can learn the skills to deal with your symptoms of anxiety, substance abuse, and grief with the goal of eliminating it from your life. You do not need to continue on with the painful feelings of low self-esteem, hopelessness, and panic. You can return to your previous self, or possibly even better with newly learned life-skills, better relationships with family and friends, and more self-worth and hope for your future. Contact me for help.

Heartbreak Hotel

Still thinking about your ex? Unsure if you’re in the right relationship?

You’re not alone. Let’s face it, romantic relationships can be confusing and heartbreak sucks.

Whether a relationship was good or bad, coping with a divorce or breakup hurts. It is an emotional rollercoaster of intense feelings ranging from sadness to anger to confusion, and you may feel anxious about your future. It can disrupt your home and work routines as well as your relationship with family and friends. You may feel a loss of identity and self-confidence while grieving the loss of shared hopes and dreams. You don’t have to go through it alone and don’t be afraid to reach out for help, but if you feel like your friends cannot bear to hear you talk about your ex any more, I am here to listen.

Anxiety & Stress

Do you feel like you are worrying all the time? Having trouble sleeping because you are thinking too much? Feel like you are constantly buzzing, having a hard time concentrating, irritable and constantly worrying? Anxiety and stress are treatable and the sooner you get help the more success you will have in returning to your previous functioning. It can affect your work, social life, and relationships, but with help you can get back in control of your life.

I offer a 15 minute free phone consult to help alleviate any fears you may have prior to coming in for your appointment too.

Substance Abuse

Tired of turning to drugs or alcohol to cope? Are your family or friends concerned about potential addictive behaviours?

Although it is not uncommon to turn to drugs or alcohol to handle stress, there is a danger in becoming dependent on it to manage your feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anxiety. It can also affect your work and relationships and eventually can become a crutch. If you have a desire to cut down on your use of drugs or alcohol, require assistance in quitting, and need support, please contact me before you have hit ‘rock bottom’ and lose everything that is important to you.

Exhausted by someone else’s addictive behaviour?

If you have a family member or are in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction, you need to learn how to help your loved one by helping yourself. Don’t have to protect an addict or make excuses for their behaviour or let a family member or partner’s addiction consume your life any longer. It’s not your fault and you’re not alone. Let’s get you back to taking care of yourself first!

Disordered Eating

Obsessed with counting calories and working out? Constantly compare yourself to people you see in magazines and in the movies? Feel guilty about eating or use laxatives to diet?

It’s not about the food - let’s get you back in control of your life.

Disordered eating affects a high number of Canadians, fifteen percent of which are men, so you are not alone. It often starts prior to adult life, and often associated with a range of issues, such as lack of self-esteem, high family expectations, high achieving personality, high stress, perfectionism and a controlling nature.